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Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are The Answers You Are Looking For

 Q: How Much Does Solar Cost?

A: All solar programs are $0 OUT OF POCKET to get installed. There are credit and non-credit qualifying programs. We offer both and other specialty product options for residential, commercial and non-profit  organizations that many other companies do not offer. All you do is switch from paying a monthly electric bill that is never the same and that you pay forever, to a solar payment  that is FIXED that you can pay off and own if you like.

Q: I Don't "NEED" Solar Do I?

A: You don’t need solar, but you need electricity. We would not know what to do without our A/C or TV, or if we couldn’t plug in our devices into a wall outlet.  Many of us just haven’t made the "CONNECTION” that solar, sun and electricity are one and the same. Solar is just a cheaper, cleaner, renewable, sustainable option that is FREE to get installed!

Q: Is Solar Mandatory?

A: Yes. There are several states including California that are instituting a new solar law/code effective January 1st , 2020 that will REQUIRE ALL RESIDENTIAL HOMES 3 stories or less including apartments, to incorporate solar before any major remodeling projects will be approved. The law also extends to ALL NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION to implement solar as well.

Q: What If I Sell My Home?

A: NO PROBLEM.  Most of our programs will allow you to either transfer the existing solar agreement to the new owner of the home with the contract and existing terms and warranty. If still making payments you can pay off balanced owed in escrow and the new owner will continue to take advantage of all benefits you had. You can you sell your solar home for a higher sales price, and up to 20% faster, as studies have show.

Q: I Think I Need A New Roof Before I Get Solar?

A: You may or may not need a new roof. SolarFind will give you a free roof estimate by a licensed roofer which is required as part of our inspection and is a city requirement. If recommended, we have great programs that can help you get a new roof and solar together for $0 out of pocket. The best part is either way you will have a 25 year warranty for your roof wherever your solar panels are placed.

Q: Are There Any Maintenance Requirements?

A: Just cleaning at least once in summer is suggested. We recommend professional cleaning. For your convenience we have cleaning services department located within our company. Panels should be kept clean and clear from snow and any debris that might stick to them.

Q: How Many Panels Do I Need?

A: The number of panels you need is determined by the several factors including the amount of usage/kilowatts you consume each month. Another determining factor is what direction your roof is facing where the panels will be placed. A South/Southwest facing roof is most efficient, but panels can be placed on all sides of a home or business if there are no obstructions.

Q: Are There Liens Put On My Property?

A: Many companies put liens on properties, but SolarFind does not. The companies we work with will request a UCC-1 filing to be put on a title so lenders will know who to contact in case of title change, sale of home, refinancing etc. The UCC-1 is taken off once the solar system has been paid off.

Q: How Long Will Panels Lasts?

A: The best panels on market the will last up to 40 or more years. There are no moving parts which helps prolongs the life expectancy and efficiency of the panels.

Q: How Much Will I Save?

A: You should save at least 20%-45% or more depending on how much electricity you use, (usage) or kilowatts (kWh) of power you consume every month. Generally speaking, the higher your electric bill the more you save.  Our FREE Energy Analysis and copy of your electric bill will determine exactly how much you will save.

Q: Are There Any Tax Benefits Associated With Solar?

A: Yes. There is a 30% Federal Tax Credit off the purchase of any solar system. We also offer a government program that allows you to write off part of your monthly payment as a tax deduction. FYI, the 30% credit will drop to 26% in 2020 and again in 2021 to 22%.

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