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Give Green. Get Green.


Spread the word and earn cash!

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SolarFind Referral Program

It pays to go solar! It also pays to have friends.

 Spread the word and earn up to $1,000 or more for each person you refer that goes solar! 

That's right. Share SolarFind with your friends and we reward you simply for spreading the word.

What Can Solar Cash Do For You?

Pay off debt

With solar cash you can build your financial independence.


Life is short. Use your solar cash to travel the world.


Significantly grow your solar cash over time by investing it.


Pay your tuition or go back to school with the help of solar cash.

Changing Real Lives


I heard about SolarFind from a friend who has solar on her home and loves it. She told me to check them out, but I rent and since my landlord doesn’t understand all the benefits solar would bring to his property, like the increased value, the tax credits, 25 year roof warranty and the savings I would get every month I am stuck with $400 PLUS electric every month.  I was very happy though to get $1,000 CASH referral reward from Eric for simply referring them to Montessori  Preschool and Day Care my child attends. Eric and the entire SolarFind team went out their way to explain the what, how and why the preschool needed to take advantage of the free energy the Sun gives all of us all every day. I still don’t know how it all works, but I do know how to give out a biz card and tell my friends that solar costs nothing to get started. Helping others out is a great feeling, but getting paid $1,000 for doing so makes it that much better.  Looking forward to sharing this incredible opportunity with all my friends and to get more $$$$ for my next vacation!

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What Are You Waiting For?

Give Green. Get Green.

Thank You For Sharing Your Network With Us!

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