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Bill & Sandra S.

"This is our second home and second solar system. We recently sold our first home that had solar with zero issues or concerns. When we moved we knew that if the home didn't have solar we were going to invest again with new panels on our new home. We were going to go with the same company again, but after a consultation with SolarFind guys we found out they offered more and better programs than what we could have received with our old solar company, which by the way SolarFind does offer as one option in their portfolio of companies. We love the program we signed up with for many reasons but, two biggest reasons was that our first payment is not for 18 months and we can right off part of our monthly payment at tax time. If you are serious about saving money and looking at solar as an option to help you save, you must call the SolarFind Team, they are a great help."

Bill & Sandra


Tammi S.

"Was interested in getting solar, but didn't want to deal with the hassle or all the nightmares I heard about online. Then my boss referred me over to SolarFind. They really made it a no brainer hassle free experience. They do all the dirty work to make sure all your interests are protected. It's like having an angel by your side. Go with SolarFind and you'll also be in good hands."

Tammi S.
Van Noy Insurance, All State

Ofelia Pireto.jpg
Ofelia P.

"I came across SolarFind who's part of many networking groups out there. I hesitated at first but members from our group had highly recommended going solar through them. It's amazing how they don't advertise, it's all word of mouth. Now after going solar I can see why. It's been a year with no complaints or any issues on my end."

Ofelia P.
Home Funding Corp Loan Originator

Barbara Ochoa SOLAR.jpg
Barbara O.

"If you're shopping around for solar and burning through countless hours of research, then you're wasting your time. I called up SolarFind, they summed it all up within 15 minutes of what's out there in the market and what to expect. They're like the travel agent of the solar industry. They handle everything on your behalf from A-Z. You just sit back and use your saved time for better things. "

Barbara O.
Travel of Orange

The Byrnes SOLAR.jpg
The Byrnes

"Being an elderly everyone is trying to pull a fast one. Then a friend referred me over to SolarFind. They have access to this great No Cost Solar Program that we signed up for. They make it so simple and too easy. Experience the difference going through them for yourself."

The Byrnes
Missionary To The Philippines

Linda Ellis.jpg
Linda E.

"I had signed up with another company offering me 12 panels and said would handle all my needs and dragged the job for months with no results. The other company misled me and said that's all that can fit on my tricky roof. Then I was referred over to SolarFind from my neighbor. When the advisor came down they told me the other company was way off on their analysis. So I gave them a shot. They were able to engineer 18 panels to fit which is what I actually needed to wipe out my utility. Now I'm up and running with no regrets and they saved me from a potential nightmare. With SolarFind, rest assure, you'll get a true analysis right the first time."

Linda E.
Mary Kay Consultant

Adam P.jpeg
Adam P. / PRO-DENT

"I was looking into solar, but waited to see who my neighbor went with. He's the research dude of the block. Whoever he goes with, we follow his lead. He had been shopping around for solar for the past 4 months, only to be left confused. He was ready to throw in the towel and sign up with a company just to get it over with. Then he was referred over to SolarFind. He decided to give them a shot and see what they're all about. Next thing you know he ended up using their free personalized service to help him go solar. They connected him with a solar company to do the job right without the hassle. I still waited for his job to wrap up to see how it pans out. Soon as he was up and running, I grabbed the number to SolarFind from him. I felt bad for him, he spent 4 months and I swooped right in and got the same deal as he did. Now in my community- the SolarFind business card gets passed around."

Adam P.
PRO-DENT (Paintless Dent Repair)

FeliciaDouglas SOLAR.jpg
Felicia D.

"I went through a handful of sale reps and was getting the run around, each claiming to be offer ing the best deal. Didn't know who to trust or if they were actually looking out for me. Then a friend told me about SolarFind. Should have called them first. It was a painless process. They first educated me on all the programs and were transparent on all the pros and cons, unlike a sales rep where you only hear the pros- there was no pressure. So do yourself a favor and save yourself the time and the frustration. You'll be glad you did. "

Felicia D.
Devon Smiles Photography


Jennifer and Omar.jpg
Jennifer & Omar

"We heard of SolarFind through our boss. He used their services and went green over a year ago. He made sure if we were ready for solar to call them first. Thank god we took his advice. You literally don't do anything. I thought we would have to jump through hoops and would take up our time. Now I rant and rave to my co-workers about them. Give them a call first, even if you're just curious about solar."

Jennifer & Omar 


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