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U.S. Solar Jobs Jumped Almost 25% In the Past Year

The U.S. solar industry employed 260,077 workers last year, a nearly 25% increase in the number of jobs from 2017. That jump was largely driven by a massive increase in solar panel installations, according to a report released Tuesday by the non-profit solar advocacy group The Solar Foundation.

A few more highlights:

  • One out of every 50 new U.S. jobs was in the solar industry.

  • Solar will become mandatory in California for residential homes 3 stories or less in 2020.

  • Solar industry employment growth outpaced that of the overall U.S. economy by 17 times as it increased by over 51,000 jobs, for a total of 260,077 U.S. solar workers.

  • The number of solar jobs increased in 44 of the 50 states in 2018.

  • California employs the most solar workers, followed by Massachusetts, Texas, Nevada, and Florida.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

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How To Make Money With SolarFind?

Solar Ambasador

(Canvassing/Lead Generator Compensation Program)

Who do you know that owns a home or business? Can you write or post on Social Media a great YELP review, then this is the perfect money making opportunity for you…Great for anyone who wants/needs extra cash.

Earn $500 for every “word of mouth” residential customer you refer that gets solar when system installed and operational.

Earn $1,000 for every BUSINESS customer you refer that gets solar when system is installed and operational.*

Earn an additional $1000 bonus incentive after every 5th customer



*Solar system size must be greater than 20,000 kwh annually to qualify for $1,000 referral reward business bonus.

Energy Advocate

Great opportunity for those who need money NOW! You will get paid cash just for handing out business cards and posting up flyers. Ideal for Social Media followers, Uber drivers, college students, door knockers.

Earn $50/per qualified lead generated regardless if prospect goes solar or not. If becomes a customer then-

Earn $100/after customer signs off on main contract site design layout then-

Earn $150/ after solar project is installed and operational.

As a bonus incentive receive an additional $1,000 after the 5th customer that has gone solar.

Compensation Case Scenario:

15 appointments in a month regardless if prospect goes solar x $50 = $750

10 appointments have potential to close from our top reps x $250 = $2,500

For every 5th customer who has gone solar = $1,000 bonus incentive per 5 deals closed.

So For 10 appointments that have become closed deals = $2,000 in bonus incentives

TOTAL EARNING POTENTIAL FOR 10 CUSTOMERS = $5,250/month equates $68,000 Annual Pay Out.

Renewable Energy Advisor

Perfect entrepreneurial opportunity for anyone looking for a career change into consulting. Full-Time, Part-Time or spare time, you decide.  Free Training.

Energy advisor who consults with prospects and helps them to go solar after a consultation that takes place at the homeowner’s or business location.


Your Compensation Based on Commission- Earn $2,500 - $6,000 or more depending on system size sold and any added bonuses.

Compensation Case Scenario:

Average commission + bonus = $3,500

TOTAL EARNINGS FOR 3 SOLD DEALS = $3,500 x 3 Deals Average = $10,500 per month or your own time.

Power Scout

Power Scout person who refers and recruits a candidate wanting to become and signs up to be a Renewable Energy Advisor (REA).

Residual Income Incentive- Every sale made by REA, Power Scout earns $500 residual commission for the next 5 deals from REA’s earnings Power Scout receives = $2,500

Compensation Scenario:

TOTAL EARNING POTENTIAL - Power Scout earnings from 20 REA’s sales over the course of a year = $50,000

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